This past Wednesday, May 4, 2011, we had the great honor of meeting Mickey G. Nall from Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, and attending his presentation: Tradigital is the Future of Public Relations. Aside from giving an exceptionally interesting and entertaining presentation, he gave us some great advice about life in the PR world.

A few takeaways:

We in PR have to make the truth fascinating. Good PR is honest and truthful—always. PR is about masterful storytelling, but your stories must always be true.

The Tradigital Approach: The democratization of global thinking. These days, things happening locally are having great impact globally.

The Age of Deference is now the Age of Reference. People want to hear from the man on the street before they want to hear from the leaders of society. Although leaders used to be at the top the list for people seeking opinions and advice about products, the common man has taken their place.

Consumers have become co-brand managers of products. Consumer PR drives brand-specific editorial coverage that focuses on the rationale (the practical benefits) and the emotional (how the brand makes you feel). This in turn elevates the relevancy of a brand to a consumer’s life.

Media Relations & Opportunities: local news and grassroots are making a connection. It’s about the fringe, not the center.

What drives the purchase? Word of mouth.

What breaks through? The Big Idea. Tie it to the trends, make it engaging and newsworthy, and go where the media is.

The bottom line: The brand must be integral to the story and not get lost.


I Love UO

November 15, 2010

Check out my slideshow for incoming University of Oregon students!

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As of this year, I am a senior at the University of Oregon, trying desperately to finish my degree in Public Relations, while still maintaining a real life that involves cooking and baking.  For my Strategic Public Relations Communications class this term, and I am required to keep blog that is related to public relations.  So, for the next three months, Adventures of a Vegan Girl with include public relations-related posts, and not just recipes.

As of now, I have been a happy vegan for about two and a half years.  Have I been a perfect vegan?  No.  London, France, Switzerland, and Italy did a good job of pushing me back into the vegetarian category for the duration of my time abroad, and cooking for myself was out of the question.

Overall, London proved to be the most vegan-friendly, and is great for vegetarians.  While I was there, my boyfriend sent me the link to a great little website called Vegan London, which outlines how to survive being vegan in London. After spending three months there, I can say that MookyChick really knows her stuff!

Unlike here in the U.S., you can easily find vegan food in the ‘Free-from’ section in the local London supermarkets.  Both Tesco and Sainsburys had plenty of options.  Beware of ‘vegetarian’ cheese, though.  My London host-mom bought some for me thinking it was vegan, but it’s definitely not.  :(

Overall, London was surprisingly vegan/vegetarian aware in general.  Vegan products were well-marketed in grocery stores, and were readily available to the general public.  According to my host-mom, ‘free-range’ eggs really do mean free-range in London, where laws are enforced and the industry is actually regulated.

One thing that I especially enjoyed in London was the delicious vegan soymilk and soy yogurt.  Alpro Soya milk was the most creamy, satisfying vegan “milk” that I have ever tasted, and the Alpro Soya yogurt was literally a godsend.

If only I had known about Alpro’s Soya Chocolate Desserts.  But now I know for  next time.  :)