As Week 4 comes to a close, the TSG team is still working steadily to put together the perfect solution for the group’s internal communications crisis. Low and behold – could Pfizer have found us an answer?

Much like the current TSG, Pfizer discovered in 2008 that their internal communications had spiraled out of control. The company had a total of 410 information sites branching out into over 10,000 team specific sites – all lacking a consistent look and feel, providing no way to measure satisfaction and success, and costing $10 million per year to maintain. You are not alone, TSG!

The Solution? To develop one point of contact – a Pfizer World site. The redesign developed both a global addition of Pfizer World and local templates that provided “guidance without prescription.” New policies were designed to improve the intranet, not control its content. By focusing on a One Pfizer ideal for all online channels to align to, they were able to give direction without mandating the content.

The ultimate goal was to Connect, Educate and Listen to employees. Using a variety of different tools, Pfizer was able to facilitate a culture of open communication while giving employees the ability to “get the work done.” This article in HRM Today explains the situation and the results in more detail.

Could this work for TSG? If not the main solution to our challenge, it could definitely serve as a very key piece to it.