After presenting our plan to the exec’s at TSG, it’s time write up some solid communication guidelines to help them out. After a bit of digging, here are a few that stood out:

The importance of Face-to-face communication: Effective communication is unlikely unless there is discussion and the opportunity for questions to be asked and answered.

Various internal audiences will require different forms of communication. Some will be satisfied with simple verbal presentations, others will require documentation of significant information, etc.

Face-to-face communication is most effective when used for team leader, supervisor, manager and general manager briefings and discussions as appropriate.

Feedback should always be encouraged: Obtaining feedback and effective listening are critically important for good communication.

Effective communication will only come if communicators at all organizational levels seek out feedback and take appropriate action to ensure that the intended meaning is passed on to the relevant audience.

Employees should always be able to say what’s on their minds without retribution.

Always be committed to acting on feedback, either with clarifying communication or relevant action.

Remember – Information is not communication: Written or electronic messages should be supplemented by face-to-face communication as necessary.

The team leader is critical: Important information must be made available to team leaders in a timely manner so they can communicate it to their teams. Information should be both cascaded down the organization and communicated direct to team leaders as appropriate.

Team leaders should make clear what information is available and communicate as requested.

Effective team leaders regularly communicate with team members on a formal and informal basis, and actively seek feedback from their teams on the effectiveness of communication with them.

The importance of Training: Training in effective communication will always be available to team leaders, supervisors and managers, and communication materials and support will be provided as appropriate.

These particular tips came from a boutique consultancy specializing in employee communication and employee surveys. Check out the complete list here.