Communication Fundamentals for a Successful PR Campaign

April 18, 2011

Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to hear from Kathy Fleming – VP of Corporate Communication at U.S. Preventive Medicine. You can check out their web-page here. Kathy has helped the company grow significantly since she came on board a few years ago, and their goal of being known as ‘The Prevention Expert’ is now just around the corner.

In her presentation, Kathy outlined a few Communication Fundamentals that are useful in creating any successful campaign:

  • Conduct Research: Know what your target audiences believe and want – know how the organization/product is viewed, be aware of barriers, know what information target audiences need to make a decision, and be aware of your competition. At the same time, be aware of internal needs and practicalities – what are your resources, and who can you work with successfully?
  • Have a written plan—and really stick to it: Again, know your target audiences, and concentrate your efforts where they will have the most impact. Develop goals that are both specific and measurable. Messages should be clear-cut, and easy to understand. Brainstorm uncommon creative concepts that get attention, and tell a story whenever possible. Use feasible tools and tactics that have the support from upper management.
  • Be consistent in your effort and actions.
  • Take advantage of opportunities.
  • Evaluations need to be on-going.
  • Refine your campaign as needed.
  • Most importantly – Stay the course.

With these tips in mind, it’s on to writing our own communications plan for the communication-overloaded Technology Services Group of GE. Let’s see what we can do…


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